Air India Interline Baggage Agreement

Air India Interline Baggage Agreement: Everything You Need to Know

Are you planning a trip with multiple flights on different airlines? If so, you may benefit from understanding what an interline baggage agreement is and how it can make your travels smoother. In this article, we will delve into the interline baggage agreement that Air India has implemented with other airlines.

What is an Interline Baggage Agreement?

When you travel with multiple airlines, each airline has its own baggage policies and fees. This can result in confusion and added expenses for passengers. However, with an interline baggage agreement in place, airlines have agreed to handle each other`s passengers and baggage as if they were their own. This means that you can check your bags in at the beginning of your journey and only have to worry about them when you arrive at your final destination.

What Airlines Have Air India Interline Baggage Agreements With?

Air India has interline baggage agreements with numerous airlines, allowing passengers to seamlessly connect and transfer their baggage between flights. Here are some of the airlines that Air India has interline baggage agreements with:

– American Airlines

– Emirates

– British Airways

– Lufthansa

– United Airlines

– Qantas Airways

– Singapore Airlines

How Does the Interline Baggage Agreement Work?

Let`s say you are traveling from New York to Mumbai, with a layover in London. Your first flight is with American Airlines and your second flight is with Air India. Thanks to the interline baggage agreement, you can check your bags in with American Airlines in New York, and they will be transferred to Air India for your connecting flight in London. This means that you don`t have to worry about collecting and re-checking your baggage in London. Your bags will be checked all the way through to Mumbai, where you can collect them at baggage claim.

Note that while an interline baggage agreement covers the transfer of baggage, it does not necessarily cover any fees that may be applicable. Make sure to check the baggage fees for each airline you are traveling with to avoid any unexpected expenses.

In summary, Air India`s interline baggage agreement with other airlines simplifies the baggage transfer process for passengers traveling on multiple flights. As a result, passengers can focus on their journey and enjoy a stress-free travel experience.